Easily keep track of hours worked per project, per employee or skills with Ishtar.Time

The need for time management.

Do you know exactly how many hours will be spent on your projects?
Without a clear answer to this, the final cost of your project is a complete surprise.

Ishtar.Time overview

Ishtar.Time: simple, fast and efficient.

Your workday already demands enough of you, your timekeeping doesn't have to be. With Ishtar.Time, we make time tracking easy, especially for project-based companies in the service industry.

Effortless projects manage projects, track hours and keep an overview

Available on laptop, tablet or cell phone. Whether you are working at home, on the road, Ishtar.Time is available anytime, anywhere.

Simple timekeeping

Timekeeping is often a challenge for staff. But it doesn't have to be. With our easy-to-use time tracking tool, employees can track their hours easily and efficiently. This allows them to focus on quality work and achieve impressive results.

  • Filter by project, employee, skill, client...
  • Get automatic notifications when approaching budget or project deadline.

No complicated forms or processes. With Ishtar.Time, employees can track their hours effortlessly and enter them quickly without hassle.


Ishtar.Time works seamlessly with Tasks, Projects and Resource.

Be notified of task progress or when budget is reached.

A visual overview of all tasks within a project provides instant insights. Don't lose time and make adjustments where necessary.

Time-saving and profitable

With time tracking within Ishtar.Time, employees can easily keep track of what projects or tasks they worked on that week.

Where does your employees' time go, which hours are billable? Make adjustments as needed.

Focus your efforts on billable work, keep accurate records of all hours. The result? More revenue.

Optimize every business process.

Discover the full package of Ishtar365 and create the fully future-proof work environment that fulfills all your ambitions.

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