Ishtar365 for Human Resources

Simplify recruitment, onboarding, training, performance by digitizing files and processes.

The perfect HR chain starts with digital optimization.

In today's rapidly evolving business world, the efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes is more crucial than ever.

By integrating technology, companies can not only improve their operational efficiency. By doing so, they also succeed in creating a more streamlined, accessible and flexible work environment.

This provides a solid foundation on which all other HR activities can build, from recruitment and selection to staff development and retention.

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One platform to simplify Human Resources.

Follow-up and documentation of evaluation interviews:

Employees are present in Ishtar.CRM. An employee is assigned an event task. During the execution of the evaluation interview, for example, a template document is filled in and written to Ishtar.DMS with the correct metadata.

During onboarding, multiple tasks and people who need to perform an action must be mapped out.

During the onboarding process, tasks are assigned to different departments within the organization so that the new employee has all the necessities and the necessary training is planned. These tasks are stored in a template for each function. Different tasks are created for which different people are responsible. These tasks are put into a batch. Is there a new employee? This batch will be linked to this and everyone who needs to perform an action will receive a notification.

The applicants are kept in Ishtar.CRM with the appropriate metadata.

When an interview takes place, an event task will be linked to it, where the comments and follow-up of the candidates can be followed. The CV and other relevant documents come in Ishtar.DMS with the correct metadata.

Both during and after onboarding, employees are invited to follow training, whether or not it is mandatory.

By assigning employees skills and doing the same for the training courses that are organized, it can be automatically determined who is eligible for which training.
The training sessions can be followed by an assessment and the score can be recorded. In this way, it is mapped out who has which competencies within the company. A personal learning path can be determined per individual employee or per role within the company. If there are competencies that are crucial for the operation of the company, management can ensure that there are enough employees who possess these competencies and map this out.

Have you not yet received a sick certificate or other certificate?

Assign a task to the person in question, they upload it and the certificate is placed in the right place in DMS with the correct metadata.

Get notified when the task is completed.

Integrate easily

What makes Ishtar365 unique is the seamless integration into Microsoft's existing work environment as well as the functional compatibility of the various applications. A document added to a task in Ishtar.Tasks and linked to a project in Ishtar.Projectsis automatically stored in Ishtar.DMS. This ensures unparalleled efficiency and error-free document flow.

Optimize every business process.

Discover the full package of Ishtar365 and create the fully future-proof work environment that fulfills all your ambitions.

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