Ishtar365 for QHSE

Improve quality management, health, safety and environmental regulations by digitizing controls, procedures and compliance documentation.

The perfect QHSE structure begins with digital optimization.

The QHSE within an organization needs multiple applications that can seamlessly align documents, projects and tasks.

Herewith some key features of capabilities within Ishtar365 that are crucially critical for a QSHE manager.

Optimize each link

One platform to simplify QHSE.

Access and manage QHSE documentation:

A central repository for all QHSE-related documents, such as policies, procedures, manuals, and audit reports, easily accessible by relevant parties. This along with Version Control and audit trails to ensure that only the most current documents are used and to keep history of changes.


With the icing on the cake, metadata and search functionality to create fast and efficient search capabilities to find documents based on specific criteria, such as project name or document type, saving time and increasing efficiency

Risk management and oversight of project-related QHSE tasks.

Tools for managing and mitigating risks within projects, including the ability to identify, assess, and prioritize risks. And a clear view of all QHSE tasks within a project, including deadlines, responsibilities, and status updates.

Assignment and management of QHSE tasks.

Assigning tasks to individuals or teams, including specific instructions, deadlines, and priorities. This can help manage QHSE activities such as inspections, audits, and training.


In addition, adopting standardized workflow and approval processes ensures that procedures such as incident reporting and corrective action implementation run smoothly, with automatic approvals and escalations as needed.

Seamless integration between applications and automation of workflows:

Automatic updates and data exchange between Ishtar.DMS, Ishtar.Projects, and Ishtar.Tasks to avoid duplication and increase efficiency. Combined with automatic initiation of processes, such as initiating an audit at the end of a project or updating documentation after a change in policy.

Get a clear overview of what matters to you.

All data generated in Ishtar365 is stored on the proprietary Microsoft tenant, namely Dataverse. This data can be tapped dmv PowerBI to map the necessary dashboards.

Mobile accessibility to stay informed with important notifications and alerts.

Mobile-compatible so QHSE managers and employees can access important information and manage tasks even when they are away from their desks. Set up notifications or alerts to keep users informed of important deadlines, changes in documentation, or new tasks and actions that require attention.

Integrate easily

What makes Ishtar365 unique is the seamless integration into the existing Microsoft work environment as well as the functional compatibility of the various applications. A document added to a task in Ishtar.Tasks and linked to a project in Ishtar.Projectsis automatically stored in Ishtar.DMS. This ensures unparalleled efficiency and error-free document flow and that across all departments.

Optimize every business process.

Discover the full package of Ishtar365 and create the fully future-proof work environment that fulfills all your ambitions.

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