Start the new engine of your business.

Ishtar365 is the central hub for all your company's applications. Easily and fully integrated into the existing workplace via:

Upgrade your digital work environment.

With Ishtar365, one easily structures the company's digital work environment.

All applications and documents in one digital, central and user-friendly platform so that your business excels in efficiency and convenience.


Fully customized to your needs.

With Ishtar365, you can easily create your organization's dream work environment yourself.

The features of this unique dashboard?

  • One common starting point
  • Personalized look and feel
  • Easily manage access points
  • Integration of all your business tools and apps from the Ishtar suite
  • Integration into Microsoft Teams
  • Intregation of intranet possible
  • Available in Dutch, French & English

Beautiful in its simplicity.

The Ishtar365 platform consists of a multitude of user-friendly features that contribute to our mission of digital comfort for every employee.

  • Quickly configurable
  • Clear structure of pages & tiles
  • Manage accesses
  • Delegate departments to employees
  • Employee license management
  • Configure users in groups
  • Personalize to your choice


Ishtar365 fits seamlessly within any Microsoft environment, giving that extra boost to your Microsoft Teams and Intranet experience.


One place from which employees can access all their applications, documents and information. This is how you evolve into a data-driven organization.


The digital comfort of employees is always at the forefront. Thanks to user-friendly and modular features, shaping the digital workplace is dead simple.

Bring people, applications and data digitally together.

Ishtar365 has a customized solution for everyone.

Optimize every business process.

Discover the full package of Ishtar365 and create the fully future-proof work environment that fulfills all your ambitions.

Discover the benefits yourself.

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