Ishtar365 for Research & Development

Innovation, Product development and managing research projects efficiently are a true challenge of the Research and Development department.

The ideal R&D program begins with digital optimization.

In the dynamic world of technological progress, the Research & Development department plays a key role in the pursuit of innovation. Managing innovation, product development and research projects efficiently is an essential challenge. By combining strategic planning and operational execution, R&D teams can overcome these obstacles, which is crucial to the organization's growth and success. In this way, the R&D department remains the driving force behind innovation.

Optimize every aspect

One platform to simplify Research & Development.

Management of research documentation
A central repository for all R&D-related documents, such as research reports, product designs, and test results, easily accessible to relevant parties.

Intellectual property management
Secure storage and management of patents, licenses, and other intellectual property documents with appropriate access controls.
Version control: To ensure that teams are always working with the most current versions of documents and designs.

Management of R&D projects
Tools for planning, executing, and monitoring R&D projects, including timelines, milestones, and resource allocation.

Collaboration and communication
Functionalities that allow team members to collaborate, exchange information, and discuss project progress.

Assignment of research tasks
Assigning specific research and development tasks to individuals or teams, detailing expectations, deadlines, and priorities.

Experiments and test management
Manages tasks related to conducting experiments, prototyping and product testing, including recording results and findings.

Data integration
Integration with external databases and research tools for collecting and analyzing research data.

Automation of processes
Automation of recurring tasks, such as updating project statuses or generating reports, to increase efficiency.

All data generated in Ishtar365 is stored on the proprietary Microsoft tenant, namely Dataverse. This data can be tapped dmv PowerBI to map the necessary dashboards.

A platform for sharing research findings, best practices, and innovation ideas within the organization.

Functionalities for submitting, reviewing, and selecting new ideas that may lead to R&D projects.

Integrate easily

What makes Ishtar365 unique is the seamless integration into Microsoft's existing work environment as well as the functional compatibility of the various applications. A document added to a task in Ishtar.Tasks and linked to a project in Ishtar.Projectsis automatically stored in Ishtar.DMS. This ensures unparalleled efficiency and error-free document flow.

Optimize every business process.

Discover the full package of Ishtar365 and create the fully future-proof work environment that fulfills all your ambitions.

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