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Ishtar365 is the digital work environment where your employees will reach their full potential. 

  • user-friendly tools
  • streamlined projects
  • data-driven insights

Innovative solutions for any organization.

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The platform of the future.

Prepare your organization for the future using the user-friendly Ishtar365 applications.

  • Better collaboration thanks to real-time communication.
  • Making smarter decisions thanks to advanced data management.
  • Work more customer-oriented thanks to project management tools.

Revolutionary features

Ishtar365 goes beyond other software solutions. The platform is revolutionary of its kind because of the following unique qualities:

  • modular structure
  • perfectly synchronized applications
  • central data structure
  • support for the Microsoft ecosystem
  • AI-ready

Strengthening Together.

Our Digital Comfort Providers will work with you to create a personalized recipe for success, using Ishtar365 as a reliable foundation.

Users always enjoy the latest updates and advanced extensions to our platform and applications.

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