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A custom-made digital plan works wonders.

In real estate and construction, an industry characterized by complex projects, extensive documentation and tight deadlines, there are significant challenges that can be solved with a digital environment tailored to the organization and industry. Because of this, real estate and construction companies can move to the optimal management of documents, contracts, building codes, projects or communication with various stakeholders.

So, a key challenge is to structure a company's document management, where it is essential to keep documents like construction drawings, contracts and compliance documents orderly and accessible. In addition, project management plays a crucial role in coordinating construction projects. This requires meticulous attention to multiple stakeholders, tight deadlines and budget constraints.

Finally, there is the need for accurate job coordination, to effectively track construction tasks and activities. This, along with required compliance with building codes and safety standards, emphasizes the importance of clear communication and cooperation among contractors, architects, suppliers and clients. These factors are essential to success in this dynamic industry.

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Project Management

100% control over projects

A digital project management tool is crucial in optimally managing construction projects. The ability to easily track deadlines, budgets and status reports and make quick adjustments via real-time communication ensures successful and timely completion of projects within budget.

Task Management

Optimal task allocation

Digital automation of tasks improves coordination and execution of construction tasks. This increased operational efficiency and project quality is a result of workflows through tasks being linked to project goals and time tracking.

Document Management

Immediately the right document

The future demands a digitally advanced document management system to manage essential data and documents cloud-structured and securely. The right system provides intelligent search functions and version control, which is crucial for quickly retrieving and updating construction plans and contracts. Only then can companies evolve into a data-driven, digital business that is ready for the future.

Digital comfort

Happy stakeholders

Creating a digital work environment of user-friendly and data-driven tools reduces manual work or employee errors. Result? Internal stakeholders are satisfied and external stakeholders can count on reliable services.

Integrate easily

What makes Ishtar365 unique is the seamless integration into Microsoft's existing work environment as well as the functional compatibility of the various applications. A document added to a task in Ishtar.Tasks and linked to a project in Ishtar.Projectsis automatically stored in Ishtar.DMS. This ensures unparalleled efficiency and error-free document flow.

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