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Transform your workplace with Ishtar365: The Digital Hub on top of Microsoft

Your digital workplace Ishtar365

In today's rapidly changing business environment, it is essential to have a workplace that is not only productive, but also flexible and connected. Ishtar365 provides just that, by creating a dynamic digital workplace on top of Microsoft's familiar environment.

We invite you to participate in our informative session where we highlight the capabilities of Ishtar365 and demonstrate how it can transform your organization.

What to expect.

  • In-depth Demonstration: See how Ishtar365 integrates with Microsoft to provide a seamless digital workplace, complete with document management, task assignment, and project oversight, all accessible from one central point.
  • Expert Q&A: Ask your questions and get instant answers from our Ishtar365 specialists.
  • Experiences from Practice: Hear from users how Ishtar365 has improved their daily work and collaboration.
  • Networking: Meet others interested in optimizing their digital workplace.

Ishtar365 is your chance to revolutionize your working methods, with improved collaboration, streamlined processes and a platform that grows with your organization. It's designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft applications, giving you a powerful, integrated experience that increases productivity and simplifies communication.

Seize this opportunity to be at the forefront of digital workplace solutions. Reserve your spot now for our info session and begin the transformation to a more efficient and connected workplace.

We hope to see you soon!


Miet Roelandt

Miet Roelandt

In this info session, Co-Founder Miet Roelandt is happy to share the crucial techniques for successful project management and efficiency within a digital workplace. Pay particular attention to the notion of "successful," because that's where the shoe pinches at many companies. Miet's years of expertise in digital transformation and her thinking as Co-Founder make her the ideal discussion partner for any organization that wants to ensure its future in a rapidly changing landscape.

Optimize every business process.

Discover the full package of Ishtar365 and create the fully future-proof work environment that fulfills all your ambitions.

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